Trump Awards Medal of Honor to a Real Hero

Army medic Spc. James McCloughan, a 71-year-old from South Haven, Michigan, was awarded the Medal of Honor yesterday by the president.

It is our nation’s highest military honor. McCloughan is a Vietnam War veteran who saved multiple wounded soldiers from a ‘kill zone’ despite being very seriously injured himself.

According to Fox News: McCloughan’s recognition, which took place at a White House ceremony, marked Trump’s first time presenting the award.

McCloughan found himself in the two-day long Battle of Hui Yon Hill in Vietnam in 1969 when he was a private first class at 23 years old.

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Officials say McCloughan willingly entered the “kill zone” to rescue 10 wounded and disoriented comrades despite his own serious injuries caused by shrapnel from a rock-propelled grenade.

It is warriors like this that need to set the example as leaders in our nation’s armed services. Very happy to see he received such high recognition!

It was my great honor to pay tribute to a VET who went above & beyond the call of duty to PROTECT our COMRADES, our COUNTRY, & OUR FREEDOM!

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