Trump: Democrats ‘Made Up’ The ‘Sh**hole Nations’ Comment

Friday morning President Trump denied the allegations he said ‘sh**hole nations’ about Haiti, El Salvador and various African countries.

The sources who leaked the alleged quote were two people who were briefed on a meeting that members of Congress had with the president. So they weren’t even in the meeting themselves.

The Washington Post published a report on Thursday that during the immigration meeting President Trump suggested the U.S. “should block immigrants from ‘s***hole’ countries like Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations,” the Daily Wire reports.

Every news outlet on the planet decided to run with this unverified story. Now Trump is speaking out:

The president claims all of this is being ‘made up’ by the Democrats.

The Post published on Thursday that Trump “grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on the meeting. … ‘Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?’ Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.”

The publication identified their sources as “people familiar with the meeting.”


In his Tweets, Trump said Democrats refused to negotiate.

He said they would rather shutdown the government than make a deal.

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