TRUMP: Democrats are the ‘Party of Slavery’–Is He Right?

Is this Trump preaching the truth or is he desperately grabbing at straws? Let us know by casting your vote below.

Donald Trump has branded the Democrats ‘the party of slavery’ as he appealed for support from black voters.

Trump, who is struggling to convince black and Hispanic voters to back him, said the GOP was the home of Abraham Lincoln as he spoke at a rally in Washington state.

The Republican nominee added that the Democrats had failed minority voters with economic policies that have not improved their job prospects.

‘It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow and the party of opposition,’ Trump said, referring to racial segregation laws that once existed in the South.

‘The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln,’ he added.

Trump’s attempt to criticize the Obama administration’s treatment of minority citizens has itself been slammed for painting a bleak view of the lives of all black and Hispanic Americans.

His attempts to win over Hispanic voters have also fallen on deaf ears because of his pledge to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border.

Minority voters usually support Democrats and are expected to vote heavily for Hillary Clinton in the election in November.


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