Trump Drops BOMBSHELL on Political Press–Releases List of Vet Groups Who Received $6MIL Donation

Donald Trump claims he did not release the list sooner because he wanted to respect the groups privacy. Do you take him for his word?

Donald Trump on Tuesday said he finally gave “close to six million dollars” to veterans’ groups, four months after making the pledge in late January.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee also said the press “should be ashamed of themselves” for asking questions about the money he donated.

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“I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job,” Trump said, before releasing a list of the veterans groups who received the money.

“As of this moment, it’s $5.6 million,” Trump added in a press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday.

“All of the money has been spent.”

Trump said he didn’t release the names of the veterans organizations sooner because he wanted to respect their privacy. He insisted that the money for a number of these groups was delivered some time ago.

The businessman said veterans groups had been thanking him and that one gentleman was so overcome with joy, he was crying.

Trump spent several minutes reading out the list of veterans organizations that he said received the money from him and his friends. He said that, among others, “22 Kill” received $220,000, “Green Beret Foundation” got $350,000, and American Hero Adventures took $100,000.


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