Trump Has Selected Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

sessionsSessions was nominated in 1986 by President Reagan for a federal judgeship, but this was rejected because of “racially charged comments and actions”. In 1996 Sessions was elected to the Senate and people seem to really like him. Give us your thoughts on Trump’s pick.

President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Senator Jeff Sessions, a conservative from Alabama who became a close adviser after endorsing him early in his campaign, to be the attorney general of the United States, according to officials close to the transition.

Mr. Sessions, a former prosecutor elected to the Senate in 1996, serves on the Judiciary Committee and has opposed immigration reform as well as bipartisan proposals to cut mandatory minimum prison sentences.

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Mr. Sessions, who was elected attorney general of Alabama in 1995, has long considered it a personal triumph that he was able to be elected to the Senate in 1997 and become a member of the panel that rejected his nomination to become a federal judge.


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