Trump-Hating Actor Shia LaBeouf SUED for Calling a Bartender… [WATCH]

If you go into a bar and are visibly drunk, don’t expect to be served. Staff members don’t want to deal with that and they aren’t hired to be your babysitters.

This goes for everyone, whether you’re the average Joe or you are one of Hollywood’s most recognized actors.

Enter Shia LaBeouf. He is being sued for how he acted, particularly what he said, at a New York bar.

Jerry’s Famous Deli supervisor David Bernstein acknowledged that his staff refused to serve LaBeouf and his wife, who were allegedly quite drunk when they stumbled into the bar.

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Instead of leaving, court documents reportedly allege that LaBeouf flew into a fit of rage. He slammed his fist on the bar and went into an “employees only” area behind the counter.

Bernstein was scared and brandished a bottle of Gray Goose to use as a weapon just in case LaBeouf got violent.

And with the actor’s track record, that was a very strong possibility.

LaBeouf wanted everyone to know that he was outraged, and he wanted them to be outraged with him apparently. This included bystanders in the bar and nearby bowling alley, who were mostly African-American.

LaBeouf allegedly shouted that Bernstein was a “f*cking racist b*tch”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bernstein has filed a $5 million lawsuit for damages, assault, and defamation.

His suit alleges that he “experienced significant emotional distress, anxiety and fear” and has been subject to “significant embarrassment and ridicule” since the video of the incident went viral.

It also prompted many fans of LaBeouf to refer to him as “the racist bartender.”

If you want someone to lose business and you are famous, this would be the way to do it.

This isn’t the first time LaBeouf has been in trouble with the law.

LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanor assault in New York in January after scratching and bruising a man who interrupted his HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US livestream.

According to The Washington Post, the assault in New York was LaBeouf’s seventh arrest and jailing.

This guy needs to get some anger management!

In 2014, he was arrested for chasing a homeless man in New York. He later went on to say it was because of a lot of whisky.

Maybe some sobriety wouldn’t hurt this guy either…


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