TRUMP: Is ‘Open to Some Funding’ for this Vile Organization

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.22.06 AMYikes. Trump fans, do you still support him after this?

In an interview with CNN this morning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to flip-flop on taxpayer funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business a “abortion factory” and said government shouldn’t be funding it. But Trump also said he would be open to funding Planned Parenthood’s few non-abortion activities, something he is going to have to explain and clarify in the future.

“The problem that I have with Planned Parenthood is the abortion situation. It is like an abortion factory, frankly,” Trump said. “And you can’t have it. And you just shouldn’t be funding it. That should not be funded by the government, and I feel strongly about that.”

When asked about the smaller non-abortion component of what Planned Parenthood does, Trump appeared to be alright with taxpayer funding.

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“What I would do when the time came, I’d look at the individual things they do, and maybe some of the individual things they do are good. I know a lot of the things are bad. But certainly the abortion aspect of it should not be funded by government, absolutely,” he said.

Trump added, “I would look at the good aspects of [Planned Parenthood], and I would also look, because I’m sure they do some things properly and good and that are good for women, and I would look at that, and I would look at other aspects also. But we have to take care of women.”

The problem is that the $550 million in taxpayer dollars the Planned Parenthood abortion business currently receives comes under the auspices of family planning funding and technically can’t be used to pay for abortions — though it frees up Planned Parenthood funds to promote and perform abortions. That has some pro-life advocates saying Trump is essentially supporting the satus quo right now — where the Hyde Amendment prohibits abortion funding but Planned Parenthood still receives well over $550 million in taxpayer funds.

The Planned Parenthood abortion business responded to Trumps comments and took them to mean that he flip-flopped on taxpayer funding.

“Donald Trump seems to have realized that banning all abortions, shutting down the government, and defunding Planned Parenthood are extreme positions that are way too far outside the mainstream for even him to take,” said spokesman Eric Ferrero in a statement.

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