Trump: Obamacare is DEAD

The day is here. No, it didn’t happen in the first 100 days, but it came pretty quick none the less. Obamacare replace and repeal passed the House.

President Trump announced that Obamacare was “dead”, celebrating with Republican leaders from the House.

The bill squeaked by with a 217-213 vote.

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The bill isn’t law yet and has a long way to go but if there was ever a time to be hopeful, it’s now.

The GOP put Obamacare’s first foot in the grave on Thursday, passing a repeal-and-replace measure by the thinnest of margins as Democratic lawmakers taunted them with a chorus of ‘Na-na, Hey-hey, Goodbye!’

President Barack Obama‘s namesake medical insurance reform is on its way to the dustbin. But so too, the Dems hope, will be the GOP majority after next year’s midterm congressional elections.

‘We knew that wasn’t going to work,’ Trump said of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, whose cost structure has proved suffocating for medical insurers – and for consumers stuck with a dwindling number of even-more-expensive policy options.

‘I predicted it a long time ago. I said, “It’s failing.” And now it’s obvious that it’s failing,’ the president boasted in the White House’s Rose Garden.

‘It’s dead. It’s essentially dead. If we don’t pay lots of ransom money over to the insurance companies, it would die immediately.’

The Daily Mail

Trump came out of the Oval Office to a chorus of cheers.

“We suffered through Obamacare…yes, premiums will be coming down. Yes, deductibles will be coming down.”

Even more changes are expected with the bill heading to the Senate. But Trump doesn’t seem to be worried, saying he “feels so confident” that the next round will also end in victory.

“We’re gonna get this passed through the Senate.”

Then he did something pretty amazing, he turned and nodded to the Washington press corps, “I even want to thank the media.”

Ryan had urged lawmakers during the early afternoon hours to fall in line and vote for the Obamacare alternative, saying they should ‘return power from Washington to the states. Let’s help give people peace of mind.’

‘We can continue with this status quo, or we can put this collapsing law behind us,’ he said, referring to the Affordable Care Act – which gave the nation Obamacare.

‘End this failed experiment,’ he said to cheers from Republicans on the House floor. ‘Let’s make it easier for people to afford their health insurance.’

The speaker had become the week’s most high-wattage lightning rod on the political right, catching grief for what looked to be a failure of leadership as factions split off and declared they wouldn’t support the American Health Care Act.

He ‘has been treated unfairly,’ Trump said Thursday, ‘but it no longer matters – because we won.’

‘For the last week,’ the president joked, ‘I’ve been hearing, “Paul Ryan doesn’t have it. It’s not working with Paul Ryan. He’s going to get rid of Paul Ryan”.’

‘Then today I heard, “Paul Ryan’s a genius! He’s come along”.’

 When delays in the vote were happening, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that “The president recognizes what a problem Obamacare is, and that it has to be fixed”.

“Obamacare’s simply unsustainable. I think even Democrats have started to recognize that we can’t continue on the path that we’re on, and this is our moment and our time to fix it. So let’s do it, let’s do it right, and let’s do it now.”

Nancy Pelosi had to have her say on the bill as well. What she said, no matter if you like the bill or not, will bring a smile to your face.

“As bad as Trumpcare was the first time around – it was dead, it died, it died right here on the floor – now it’s come back to life like a zombie. Even more scary than before. And it is even worse.”

No, what she had in mind for Obamacare was “even worse”.

“Most Americans don’t know who their member of Congress is. But they will now when they find out that he voted to take away their health care. So, I think you have to get ready for that.”

Wow, did she just say the American people don’t pay attention to their representatives? Do the people in her district know they are voting for her? What a slap in the face!

“You will glow in the dark on this one. You will glow in the dark.”

…Is this lady for real?

President Trump was watching Democrats argue against his health care bill on the House floor minutes before the vote, and promised a Rose Garden victory lap just before the vote was opened to members of the House of Representatives

What are your thoughts on the bill? Are you like Pelosi and doing some voodoo magic on your representatives? Or are you optimistic for the future?

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