TRUMP RETWEETS FAMOUS QUOTE: Made by Fascist Mussolini, ‘…It’s a Good Quote’

What has America gotten themselves into? Should we hold Trump accountable for this or let it slide?

The liberal gossip site Gawker set a trap for Donald Trump that was a year in the making — and this month he finally fell for it by retweeting something that sent his enemies wringing their hands in glee.

On the morning of Feb. 28 Trump jumped onto his Twitter account — as he so often does — and retweeted a quote a Twitter account named “ilduce2016” attributed to him. He retweeted it imagining he was retweeting one of his own quotes.

However, the tweet in question was actually a quote by WWII Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and most decidedly not from Trump.

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The Twitter account Trump retweeted was set up as a trap over a year ago by writer Ashley Feinberg. She set the social media account up to trap Trump in the hopes he’d retweet quotes from the WWII fascist, a leader who was eventually murdered by his own people after Germany fell and the Allies won the war.

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