Trump SLAMS Australian PM During Phone Call, You’re Trying to Ship ‘the Next Boston Bombers’ to the US


Trump got on the phone with the Australian PM to discuss a deal that was agreed on back with the Obama admin. Things didn’t go so well for the PM. Check it!

Donald Trump slammed Malcolm Turnbull over a proposed asylum seeker deal and accused the Australian Prime Minister of looking to ship off the ‘next Boston bombers’ to the United States during their first official telephone conversation.

On Thursday afternoon the President took to Twitter to slam the Obama administration for agreeing to take on the refugees in the first place.

‘Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!,’ he wrote.

Senior US officials told the Washington Post that Donald Trump abruptly hung up on Mr Turnbull after just 25 minutes – when the pair were meant to speak for an hour.

But an indignant Mr Turnbull returned serve, telling 2GB’s Ben Fordham: ‘As far as the call is concerned, I’m very disappointed, the report the president hung up is not correct, the call ended courteously.’

A fuming President Trump reportedly told Mr Turnbull that the conversation was ‘the worst call by far’ he had taken that day, after ‘boasting’ about pleasant exchanges with Russian President Vladimir Putin and three other world leaders.

President Trump reportedly ranted about the deal the Obama administration struck with Canberra to take 1250 genuine refugees from Nauru and Manus Island, telling Mr Turnbull: ‘I don’t want these people’.

It was the ‘worst deal ever’, he told the prime minister, complaining he was ‘going to get killed’ politically for following through on the resettlement agreement.

Sky News sources claim President Trump was ‘yelling’ at Mr Turnbull at points during the heated conversation, which took place on Saturday afternoon Washington time, Sunday morning Australian time.


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