Trump Snubs Feinstein and Harris, Goes Forward With Conservative Nominations For 9th Circuit

President Trump promised to not be like other politicians. Breaking from tradition, nominating conservatives, seems like he's keeping that promise.

President Trump is throwing tradition out the window and is going forward in filling three vacancies on the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He’s pushing aside the Democratic resistance to nominate more conservative judges.

It is tradition for a president to work with the senators of the judicial nominees’ home state to put forward judicial picks. This is called the “blue slip” – the opinion of the state senators.

However, that would mean the President would have to work with California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. And, as you may have guessed, that’s not going to be happening.

President Trump has nominated Patrick Bumatay, Daniel Collins and Kenneth Kiyul Lee, all from California and reportedly members of the conservative Federalist Society.

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The court represents nine Western states and has in the past voted against Trump’s travel ban and limits on funding to sanctuary cities.

Even GOP critics have nicknamed the court the “Nutty 9th”, mostly because many of their rulings have been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Sacramento Bee did report that White House officials had been negotiating appointments with Feinstein and Harris, but things seemed to sour over the summer.

Matters only worsened by Harris and Feinstein’s charge against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Needless to say, Harris and Feinstein are not too happy with the nominations. Feinstein released a statement saying she was ready to accept a White House proposal of three other judges and is vehemently against Collins and Lee. She went on to say Lee failed to disclose his “controversial writings” on voting rights and affirmative action.

“I repeatedly told the White House I wanted to reach an agreement on a package of 9th Circuit nominees, but last night the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested.”

Harris didn’t behave much better, having her spokeswoman Lily Adams release this statement:

“Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the president’s agenda, instead of acting as an independent check on this administration.”

Is this a good move by President Trump? He did promise to be different from other career politicians. By breaking tradition, he is keeping his promise.

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