TRUMP TAKES NEVADA BY STORM: Wins with 46% of the Vote

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.52.40 AMClearly the conservative pundits were way wrong when they tried calling this one.

Fresh off a pair of first-place finishes in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Donald Trump surged to an overwhelming double-digit victory Tuesday night in Nevada. Fueled by record-breaking turnout, the Republican front-runner ran roughshod over Marco Rubioand Ted Cruz, solidifying a dominant poll position that may be impossible for his rivals to overcome as a series of Super Tuesday primary contests loom.

During his victory speech, Trump thumbed his nose at the unnamed pundits who predicted that he would only win among low-income white males without college degrees. “I love the poorly educated,” he told a crowd of supporters, ticking off a list of demographics he claimed to have won in Nevada, based on often inaccurate entrance polls: the college-educated, evangelicals and, most surprisingly, the Latino vote.

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