TRUMP TO ANDERSON COOPER: ‘People Don’t Trust You and They Don’t Trust the Media’ [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.01.05 AMDoesn’t look like Trump is backing down… ever.

Donald Trump lashed out at Anderson Cooper when the CNN anchor pushed him on questions about the polls in a heated interview Wednesday night.

While the real estate mogul is leading the crowded GOP field at the latest count, Cooper tried to reference another survey by Quinnipiac University which found the majority of respondents had an unfavorable opinion of Trump in the three key swing states of Iowa, Virginia and Colorado.

But before he could even explain the poll, Trump was yelling and questioning Cooper’s journalistic integrity.

‘You only want to talk about negative. Why don’t you bring up the positive polls, Anderson?’ Trump asked.

‘You start off the interview with a poll I didn’t even know existed,’ Trump continued.

Cooper, starting to laugh, replied: ‘I started off the interview with a Washington Post poll because I knew you would accuse me of that!’

‘Sure, sure, sure,’ Trump said. ‘All I know is every poll I’m leading in and you give me those two polls where it’s different states – they’re not even a national poll.’

‘Well check the record, I started with the national Washington Post poll where you are way out in front,’ Cooper said defensively.

‘I just think it is very unfair. You talk to me about a poll I have never even saw,’ Trump said.

At this point, Cooper looked ready to move on in the interview when Trump decided to attack him.

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