TRUMP WAS ‘SENT FROM GOD’: Father of Child Murdered by Illegal Immigrant Sings Nothing but Praises for Donald

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.21.21 AMJamiel Shaw Sr. has had years of grieving over his son’s death and Trump is the only politician who has shone a light to his son’s story. No wonder Shaw Sr. likes him so much.

A new ad released Friday by Donald Trump’s campaign team tells the story of Jamiel Shaw, a Los Angeles man who lost his teenage son in 2008 when a man in the U.S. illegally randomly shot and killed 17-year-old Jas.

In his first interview since the ad debuted, Shaw, an African-American man, told the Washington Examiner why he chose to support the Republican Manhattan billionaire who has been criticized by some as a racist and a phony.

It started on March 2, 2008, in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles were Jas had been walking home, talking with his girlfriend on a cellphone. He was three doors down from his house when a car pulled up by him. Two Hispanic men in the vehicle asked Jas which gang he belonged to. Police reports indicate Jas did not respond, which frustrated one of the men who pulled out a gun and shot the teen.

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Jamiel, inside the family home, heard the shots and ran outside to find his son, a boy he judged to have been on the “right path,” bleeding from bullet wounds. Jas later died at the hospital.

In the days that followed that incident, Shaw tried to piece together the perfect storm of conditions that created this tragedy. Shaw learned the man who had killed his son was an illegal immigrant who had just been released from jail.

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