TRUMP WINS: Had MILLIONS More Watch His Speech Than Hillary’s & ‘Her Big Moment’

Guess that glass ceiling she broke isn’t all that important to millions of people. This is kind of hilarious. Check it out.


(UPDATED WITH FINAL NUMBERS) It looks like Donald Trump is going to take the lead over Hillary Clinton this election – at least when it comes to how many people watched the last night of the Republican National Convention and how many watched the last night of the Democratic National Convention.

With figures in from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, the ex-Secretary of State’s historic acceptance speech as the first woman to be the Presidential nominee for a major American political party drew 27.8 million viewers. That 10 PM – 11:40 PM ET coverage is down 2.4 million from what Trump and the RNC got on the same outlets on July 21 from 10 – 11:45 PM ET.

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Or to put that in percentile perspective, last night’s DNC numbers on the broadcasters and top cable newsers saw an 8% dip in total viewers from what the RNC snagged the week before.

When you add the coverage on Fox Business Network, CNBC, Univision and NBC Universo, the RNC figure goes up to 32.2 million. Over 13 stations, including the three broadcast nets and the top cabler newsers trio, the September 6, 2012 DNC speech by a reelection seeking Barack Obama had 35.71 million viewers.  (UPDATE, 12:29 PM: With all the numbers in from all the outlets, including PBS, the last night of the 2016 DNC had 33.3 million viewers to the RNC closing night’s 34.9 million. Which means Donald Trump’s speech of July 21 beat Hillary Clinton’s of last night by 5% in total eyeballs)


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