TRUMP’S ‘NO GENDER-BASED PAYER’: Executive VP Just Ended Megyn Kelly’s War on Donald [WATCH]

Donald Trump’s Executive VP is opening the books and it’s proving to be a big blow to feminists’ war on Trump.

One of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top aides issued a challenge to all 2016 contenders on Monday, demanding they reveal how much their organizations pay women.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Trump Executive Vice President Michael Cohen offered to show CNN how much Trump pays women in his organization and said other candidates should follow suit.

Cohen said there are more men that work for the company in “most respects,” but added that there are more female executives at the Trump organization than men.

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“Women who are similarly situated in positions…are actually paid more,” he added.

“And you can prove it? Sounds too good to be true,” CNN host Chris Cuomo responded.

But Cohen claimed he certainly can prove it.

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