TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS: ‘Show No Income from Russia’

On Friday the White House released a letter from President Trump’s Philadelphia lawyers to Sen. Lindsay Graham which stated that the POTUS has limited financial ties to Russia.

Maybe much to Graham’s dismay, the letter said after Trump’s tax returns were reviewed from the past 10 years it showed no “income of any type from Russian sources … with a few exceptions.”

The figures, however, cannot be independently verified since the lawyers did not release copies of the returns; to which he promised while campaigning and refused once he won.

According to the NYPost: The letter does reflect income from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Moscow that year, and which generated “a substantial portion” of the $12.2 million the pageant had in revenues that year.

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It also included a Florida estate that Trump Properties bought for $45 million in 2005 and sold to a Russian billionaire in 2008 for $95 million.

It also said that the Trump Organization profited from selling products — such as “ties, mattresses, wine etc.” — in Russia .

According to the White House, Trump requested the letter after Lindsay Graham (R-SC) asked.

Graham leads one of the congressional committees probing Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential elections.

The letter, dated May 8th, was sent by the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, to Trump. They have represented him since 2005.

It was signed by tax lawyers Sherri Dillon and William Nelson.



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