TRUMP’S TWO CENTS ON REPUBLICAN PARTY: If They Came Together, ‘Nobody Could Beat It’

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.07.40 AMAfter another big win with Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, in Trump’s back pocket the leading GOP candidate has a few words for his party. Check it out.

Despite the recent barrage of critics suggesting otherwise, Donald Trump said Wednesday that his recent string of primary victories show he’s on his way to unifying the Republican party.

Trump said it’s been made especially easy if he ends up running against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“There’s no spirit behind Hillary, there never will be. She’s not going to engender spirit, there’s nothing to be spirited about,” he told TODAY in a phone interview. “And what happens is, we have something, that if we can embrace it, we’re going to have a massive victory in November.”

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