TRUTH OR ALL LIES? What Your Conceal Carry Gun Says About You

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.42.26 AMEveryone has a preference when it comes to conceal carry, but what you do choose might say loads about you. Check this out. Did they hit the nail on the head?

The Sympathizer — You don’t carry a firearm. Instead, your belief that all humans are essentially good mandates that you carry a less-lethal device like a Taser, a stun gun or maybe even pepper spray. Since even wayward souls can be redeemed, you want to take deadly force off the table.

The Minimalist — Just the bare bones for you. It’s a mouse gun, maybe a derringer or a Heizer Pocket AK. Either way, it’s nothing big, nothing fancy, but it is enough to get the job done.

The Average Joe — Pistols! Typically of the compact or subcompact variety. Maybe it’s a Glock 43, or Shield or and XD-S. Basically, insert your favorite polymer automatic.  Why stand out when you can fit in?

The Purist — God created the heavens and the earth.  Then, after some serious thought, he created the wheel gun. Ah yes, it doesn’t get much better than a five or six shot revolver. Always reliable, always there when you need it.

The Planner — You’re no one-trick pony. You have multiple carry guns, one for every imaginable situation. As such, you like to plan out what to carry where. Camping in Alaska? It’s the Ruger Super Redhawk.  Going for a jog? It’s a .380 ACP with a Crimson Trace laser. Sitting by the pool? It’s a Chiappa Rhino (why?  I have no idea. Rhinos must like pools).

The Exhibitionist — Handgun. Pshaw! No handgun for you!  You carry a long gun, and you carry it openly! Yes, part of it is designed to destigmatize the open carry of guns in your local community. But, let’s not kid ourselves, the other part is you like the attention. It’s not all about open-carry activism — is it?

The Perfectionist — Your carry gun is something that’s been worked, and re-worked 1,000 times over. It started off as a simple production pistol, but now, it is anything but.  It’s got a unicorn trigger, an unobtanium slide, quad-ambidextrous controls (meaning you can release the magazine and engage the safety in four different spots). I’m thinking a Salient Arms Hi-Point? Or Dynamic Pie Concepts?

The Cowboy — The Wild West has come and gone. Yet, you like to pay homage to our Western forebears by keeping their legacy alive with a single-action Colt on your hip, along with the requisite cartridge bandolier.  You want to put all the nearby rustlers, hooligans and outlaws on guard. You won’t tolerate their depredations.

The Old Breed — If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. John Moses Browning perfected the carry gun with the inception of the Model 1911. It’s survived an entire century of technological achievement — everything from the invention of the polymer pistol to the hype and bluster of the smart gun — and it’s still is every bit as attractive as the day it was born, and no one’s convincing you otherwise.


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