TSA AGENT: Arrested for Sexually Molesting Foreign Student, Forcing Her to…

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.05.12 AMThe creeps name is Oquendo and my guess is that this wasn’t his first victim.

A uniformed TSA agent lured a college student into a La Guardia Airport men’s room under the pretense she needed more screening — and then he molested the woman, sources told The Post on Friday.

Shortly after the attack, suspect Maxi Oquendo allegedly pretended to pore over surveillance video looking for the perp, but he was identified by witnesses and arrested.

“He was the evening supervisor. He was one of the guys going over the TSA videos,” one source said.

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The sick attack happened right after the 22-year-old victim, from South Korea, got off a Southwest Airlines flight from Salt Lake City at about 8 p.m. Tuesday in Terminal B and was allegedly approached by ­Oquendo, 40.

The agent told her to follow him so she could be searched to see if she was carrying a knife or a weapon, sources said.

The unsuspecting woman followed him up an escalator to the third floor, where he directed her into the bathroom, the sources said.

Once inside, he molested the victim after asking her to lift her shirt and unzip her pants, the sources said.

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