Tucson Stops Policy of Destroying Seized Guns

Tucson City Council voted and has decided to auction off seized guns to licensed gun dealers. The vote was on Wednesday, narrowly passing with a 4-3 result, and council members Steve Kozachik, Karin Uhlich and Regina Romero voting against ending the practice of destroying the weapons.

Via Tucson: In the end, only one number really mattered when it came to Tucson stopping its policy of destroying guns in city possession — $57 million.

That is the amount in annual state-shared revenues the city would have to forgo if it defied a ruling by the Arizona State Supreme Court that the practice conflicted with state law. Specifically, the ruling affirmed that surplus property must be auctioned to the highest bidders.

The Tucson Police Department has destroyed 4,820 guns turned in by residents or seized from crime investigations since 2013, city records show. The firearms are typically seized in criminal cases, although city officials note some guns are surrendered by their owners to be destroyed.

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Concilwoman Romero said she simply couldn’t stomach it. “I couldn’t make myself vote ‘yes.’ I think it is wrong in every way, shape and form,” Romero said.

Lucky for the citizens of Tucson, there were other council members with more sense. These guns aren’t going back on the streets. They will go back into the market in a legal manner.


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