TURKEY UNDER ATTACK: As Hacktivists Go After Their Bank Records

Like they said, Turkey, stop supporting ISIS and the attacks will stop.

Turkish banks reported sporadic disruption to credit card transactions on Friday as hackers stepped up a two-week barrage of cyberattacks, believed to be the worst the country has seen. Early reports of the assault appeared after various banking institutions were hit on Thursday.

Local media have suggested that the bombardment of public and financial websites could be coming from Russia, after a sharp worsening of tensions between Moscow and Ankara, or staged by the hacking group Anonymous.

On Monday, a video purportedly released by Anonymous declared war on Turkey, accusing it of funding the Islamic State terror insurgency.

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“Dear Government of Turkey, if you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down,” the video says, referring to an alternative name for the Islamic State. “We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.”

But no clear evidence of who was behind the assault on Turkey’s banks has yet emerged, and authorities have avoided pointing the finger.

Officials at several Turkish banks including Isbank, Garanti, and state lender Ziraat Bank confirmed the attacks, saying they had caused intermittent disruption. Bank shares were unmoved by the news.

“The attacks are serious,” said Onur Oz, a spokesman for Internet provider Turk Telekom. “But the target is not Turk Telekom. Instead, banks and public institutions are under heavy attack.”

“A majority of Turkish institutions use Turk Telekom as the service provider, therefore we are the ones doing the defense against these attacks,” he added.

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