TURNING THE TIDE: Little Homeless Boy Changes His Fate After this Photo Went Viral

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.05.29 AMThis kid is going to go places if he continues to be as determined as he is now.

A young homeless boy has been offered a scholarship grant after a photograph of him doing his homework in the street went viral.

Little Daniel Cabrera captured the heart’s of the world after the picture of him using light from a nearby McDonald’s to study was shared thousands of times on the internet.

After the photo blew up, the Philippine news station ABS-CBN reported that it found the boy at a restaurant near where the picture was taken. Daniel’s mom, Christina Espinosa, who is a widow, and his sibling work at the restaurant.

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The station reported that the family doesn’t have a permanent place to live after their home was destroyed in a fire, and Daniel’s mother is struggling to make ends meet. The family is temporarily living at the restaurant.

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