TWEETS FROM #BALTIMORERIOTS: ‘We Taking Out White Cops Now F*ck #BaltimoreLootCrew’

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.48.45 AMIsn’t this special. Here you have a Baltimore rioter who is publicly admitting he wants to shoot and possibly kill cops.

I don’t care what ‘hardships’ Marrell has gone through or is living through right now. You’re never going to find a solution to your problem by shooting at cops, setting your city on fire, and breaking your neighbors’ cars.


Talk to your Democrat representatives. Ask your mayor why conditions on the streets suck so much. Or, why poverty seems to be an epidemic in Baltimore.

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Better yet! Don’t be a statistic. Rise above the status-quo and take the initiative in your own life.

This ‘victim of the system’ B.S. is getting old.


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