TWIN PEAKS BIKER SHOOT OUT: Take a First Look at the Security Footage That Captured the Incident Which Left 9 Dead and 177 Arrested [WATCH]

WARNING: Graphic images below.

Surveillance video taken on the day of a massive shootout inside a Texas restaurant shows the chaos as hundreds of bikers flee and some open fire.

The May 17 incident at Twin Peaks in Waco that involved two rival bike gangs left nine people dead and resulted in the arrest of 177 bikers.

Video shows some of the bikers bloody and even a few of the fatalities along with a shocking number of guns and weapons that were discovered and confiscated at the scene.

CNN obtained the video which shows the shootout between members of the Bandidos and the Cossacks.

Both groups have blamed the other for starting the incident.

Police arrived on the scene less than a minute after the violence erupted, and took away 12 long guns, 133 handguns and found 44 shell casings.

Just 12 of those casings were from members of the police department.

In total, 480 weapons were found at the restaurant and bar.

Authorities later said that despite the police presence the fighting continued among the groups when they arrived on the scene.

Eight of the bikers killed were members of the Cossacks and one was a Bandido.

All of the suspects who were arrested were initially charged with engaging in organized crime in connection to a capital murder case, and a judge ordered most to be held on a $1 million bond.

Only a few of the people arrested in the shooting remain under ankle monitoring, and none remain in jail as of earlier this month

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that all but 22 of the 135 people originally ordered to wear ankle monitors still have them. The others have been able to amend their bonds in agreements between their lawyers and McLennan County prosecutors.

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