Twisted Theory of Tolerance

gay_couple_romancingThe left are only tolerant of those who are tolerant of the things they are tolerant of. It’s not tolerance when you agree. Tolerance only starts when 2 parties disagree. The LGBTP…alphabet soup crowd, have proven repeatedly that they are not satisfied with your tolerance, but require that you enthusiastically endorse and support their perversion. Anything less is treated as a hate-crime and makes you an “intolerant bigot.”

The group has hi-jacked the world “gay” in the Orwellian extreme. The original definition would describe someone who was lighthearted, carefree, and radiating cheerfulness. Yet those who call themselves “gay” are among the most hypersensitive, neurotic, hateful, narcissistic, paranoid, hypocritical, thin-skinned, obsessive, irrational, and INTOLERANT people you will ever come across.

As long as you wholly endorse their every perversion, they will happily “tolerate” you. Your silence is will be assumed disapproval, and if you dare mention any negative consequences of their life-style then you will be punished to extreme measure. (As seen with Phil Robertson, a star of A&E’s most popular and demanded show, who was suspended for sharing his opinion when directly asked how he felt about homosexuals.)

You can never have a calm, rational, discussion about the pros and cons of both sides with the “tolerance police.” You either agree with them, or they will do their utmost to silence and punish you to make an example for others who may be tempted to rebel against their dogma.

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The same people who insist on you endorsing every “alternative life-style” are the ones who enforce the Zero Tolerance policies against any image or implications of guns, or Christianity in our schools.

Curiously, this double standard does not to apply to Muslims, who could be the LGBTP’s twin for tolerance levels, yet are opposites on nearly all beliefs except for a shared hatred of those practicing the Christian faith. Both the LGBTP…and Muslims practice tolerance as a one-way street, only going toward them.


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