Man SHOT by Police…Why Will Have You FURIOUS!

There are some things you just shouldn’t joke about. Because, in the end, you could be in handcuffs instead of laughing.

This is the case for two people who thought it would be funny to place a prank phone call that led to a man being shot twice.

The Independent reports that Robert McDaid, a 21-year old from Coventry, England is the first British citizen to be charged in the UK for swatting. His alleged accomplice, American Zachary Lee, was also indicted last week according to the Baltimore Sun.


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McDaid and Lee reportedly called a terrorism hotline posing as Tyran Dobbs. They claimed that “Dobbs” had barricaded himself inside his home with hostages and explosives, demanding $15,000 for the safe release of the hostages.

Obviously, police took the threat seriously, and began to move into position.

This included a Special Weapons and Tactics team and, according to one witness, an armored vehicle.

The real Tyran Dobbs was inside the house, asleep, when the SWAT team gave him a rude awakening.

In an interview, Dobbs’ father said he was outside of the home pleading with officers to stop when his son was shot.

Thankfully, police were using rubber ammunition so Dobbs survived the shooting.

Sadly, though, the injuries he sustained from the bullets required two different reconstructive surgeries.

All of this happened because of a disagreement over an online game.

The official Howard County Police statement paints a different picture entirely. It maintains that Dobbs’ father told them there was a gun in the home, that Dobbs refused to comply with officers on the scene and at one point reached for his waistband. Police eventually shot him “to prevent him from retreating back inside the apartment.” They also claim that the second rubber round hit him in the face as he was “falling forward.”

The game the three men were playing at the time of the disagreement is not known.


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