TWO LIONS KILLED IN KENYA: As Railway Project Pushes Lions Out of Park

The killings occurred due to the lions interaction with humans. Report claims due to a construction project of rail and road, that skirts Nairobi National Park, the lions have been forced to move closer towards human populated areas. Do you believe this report or think something else caused these lion attacks?

By Liam Stack

This was a bad week to be a lion in Kenya.

On Thursday, a 2½-year-old lion known as Lemek was found killed by a spear, the Kenya Wildlife Service said, one day after the service’s own rangers shot and killed a lion, whom they had hoped to tranquilize and capture, after it lashed out at a crowd that had gathered to gawk at it.

The lion killed on Wednesday, a well-known 13-year-old called Mohawk, injured one person when it charged at the crowd and knocked him off a motorcycle, leaving him with bruises and lacerations.

Conservationists said a rail and road project that is cutting through the heart of Nairobi National Park, a nature reserve on the outskirts of the capital, was leading the lions to try to escape in search of quieter hunting grounds, according to Reuters.

Both lions were killed south of the park, which has become surrounded by human settlement since it was established in 1946.

“Before construction started in the park, the lions were not escaping, so there are indications that the noise and blasting is affecting their movements,” Robert Ndetei, species conservation manager at the World Wildlife Fund’s Nairobi office, told Reuters.

The killings drew outrage in Kenya and online, and they highlighted the threat posed to wildlife by the loss of their habitat to expanding development.

“I had not fully appreciated the depth of my feelings about animals and the outdoors until I saw the video of that ranger slaughtering the lion in Isinya on Wednesday,” wrote Mutuma Mathiu in a column for The Daily Nation, Kenya’s largest newspaper, on Thursday. “I felt as if he had, without cause, killed a close relative.”


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Posted by Mombasa County Government Watch on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


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