Typhoon Destruction: Before and After Photos of the Most Powerful Typhoon to Hit Land

article-2496954-19517B4600000578-888_964x641A survivor of the devastating Philippines typhoon has described the grim scenes in the city of Tacloban saying ‘Two out of every five corpses I saw were kids.’

Lynette Lim, the Asia communications manager for Save the Children said: ‘The water was knee high and there were bodies floating in the streets. I saw several dead children.’

In the worst-hit areas, 235mph winds created 20ft waves that are thought to have killed between 10,000 and 15,000 and left 500,000 homeless after their houses were reduced to splinters.

Super-typhoon Haiyan struck with such force on Friday that entire villages were flattened, ships were swept inland and corpses were left hanging from trees.

Desperate survivors of the devastating Philippines typhoon told how they had to steal from the dead to eat.

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Even as families began to grieve for their dead, they faced a grim battle to find shelter and forage for food and clean water.

article-2496954-1952310A00000578-100_964x705‘Everywhere we went, people told us between 10 and 50 people had been killed in their communities,’ said Miss Lim told The Telegraph.

‘Most of the families who had decided to evacuate ahead of the storm left one member behind to guard their homes and possessions. Unfortunately, most of them died.’

Dazed survivors walked the streets ‘like zombies looking for food’ while looters ransacked shops and mobs attacked aid trucks loaded with food, tents and water.

Reports of lawless gangs targeting ATMs and electrical shops forced President Benigno Aquino to deploy police and army troops to the area to restore calm.

He said: ‘Tonight, a column of armoured vehicles will be arriving in Tacloban to show the government’s resolve and to stop this looting.’

Many areas were left without clean water, electricity or food and relief workers said some regions were still cut off by the damage and debris following what could be the most powerful storm ever recorded.

The death toll may soar once the true extent of the damage is known.

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