U.S. INTELLIGENCE: Fear ISIS is Falsifying Syrian Passports to Infiltrate Western Countries

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.48.34 AMDoesn’t take an expert to figure that one out.

American authorities have revealed their concerns that ISIS may have obtained a passport printing machine in an attempt to infiltrate the West through using false documents.

The shocking news emerged after a 17-page Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) intelligence report was publishing, warning of the use of false passports, according to ABC News.

‘Since more than 17 months [have] passed since Raqqa and Deir ez-Zour fell to ISIS, it is possible that individuals from Syria with passports ‘issued’ in these ISIS controlled cities or who had passport blanks, may have traveled to the U.S,’ claimed the report.

The report is based on a source of ‘moderate confidence’, suggesting that ISIS’s printing of passports is in no way confirmed.

Questions remain over why ISIS would need to spent time painstakingly falsifying documents when they have a large horde of foreign fighters available.

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