U.S. Preps to Give North Korea a ‘Bloody Nose’ — Attack Imminent

New reports are claiming that the US is getting ready to deliver several blows against North Korea which will give them a ‘bloody nose’ for their nuclear weapons program.

According to the Telegraph, sources have revealed that the White House is ‘dramatically’ increased military plans. It is feared that diplomacy, at this point, will not thwart Kim Jong-un from fulfilling his threats against our nation.

Currently the administration has two options: destroy the launch sites of the rogue regime before any new missile tests are sent airborne, or target their weapons stockpiles.

The hope is that these pre-emptive strikes will persuade Kim Jong-un to negotiate with the Trump administration and stop his hostile behavior.

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This information came from three anonymous sources, two of which were former officials familiar with ‘White House thinking’ and one other from inside the Trump administration.

“The Pentagon is trying to find options that would allow them to punch the North Koreans in the nose, get their attention and show that we’re serious,” informed a former US security official to the Telegraph. They were briefed on the policy according to the report.

Via NYPost: President Trump’s decision to launch 59 cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield in response to the country’s chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 civilians is considered an indication of his resolve, the paper reported.

The current plans indicate that Trump is more willing to use a military option than previously thought.

Last week, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told the Atlantic he believed there was a 30 percent chance of Trump using a military option, but that if the hermit kingdom tested another nuclear weapon, that percentage would skyrocket to 70.

One British source who recently attended a briefing with US national security adviser H.R. McMaster and other officials left feeling alarmed by Trump’s mindset, according to the outlet.

Back in September North Korea fired its sixth and most powerful nuclear weapon, along with three intercontinental ballistic missiles. Allegedly one missile’s range could cover the entire US mainland.


According to The Hill, President Trump’s administration is discussing whether the ‘bloody nose’ strike will be possible to pull off.

The strike would be an effort to show North Korea the potential consequences of its actions without leading to an all-out war.

According to multiple reports Tuesday, North Korea said it will senda delegation to the Winter Olympics this year in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

North Korea said during talks with the South it would send a group of athletes, high-ranking officials and a cheer squad to the Winter Games.

Trump last weekend said he would like to see North Korea get involved in the upcoming Winter Olympics.


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