UKIP Claims More Alliances: Former Labour Party Press Officer Defects to UKIP

Screenshot 2014-06-26 at 7.56.34 AMEditor’s Note: A prominent British socialist is switching sides to the Independence Party, a libertarian group. He claims that the ‘something-for-nothing’ culture is detrimental to hard-working British families.

A former Labour Party Press Officer has announced that he has joined UKIP, Breitbart London can exclusively reveal.

Richard Bingley was formerly head of the Labour Party’s East of England and London media operations during Tony Blair’s second and third terms as Prime Minister. He was seconded back to the Party to run its ‘Key Campaigner’ (Cabinet Minister) visits during Gordon Brown’s fateful 2010 general election and served for seven years as a Councillor in Thurrock in Essex.

Now a business leader and Senior Lecturer, Bingley told Breitbart London why he’ll be supporting Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party at the 2015 General Election: “I have joined UKIP to help promote their values of democracy and fairness and also to endorse a general sense of pride and celebration in being British,” he said.

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“I will miss some friends and former colleagues in the Labour Party, but I do have to accept the rather inconvenient truth, that UKIP is now the only credible political representation for hardworking, aspirational British families. For many years Labour has dogmatically abandoned hard working British people to promote a terrifyingly irresponsible ‘something-for-nothing’ culture. This has suffocated enterprise and society’s ability to convey positive messages around the value of hard work and achievement by merit.

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