U.N. to President Trump: You Must Allow Migrants In

President Trump has strongly opposed allowing a caravan of migrants to enter the United States. But now the U.N. is speaking up and demanding he change his policies.

As you probably know, there is a group of Central American migrants, about 14,000 of them, marching towards the U.S. border. President Trump has opposed this march from day one and has warned Central American countries they will lose aide if they do nothing.

But now another group has inserted themselves into the conversation. The United Nations Refugee Agency is demanding that the President allow the migrants into the U.S. on the grounds that they are “fleeing persecution and violence.”

Andrej Mahecic, a spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency, said:

“Our position globally is that the individuals who are fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and protection including refugee status and determination procedure. And, if the people who are fleeing persecution and violence enter Mexico, they need to be provided access to the Mexican asylum system and those entering the United States need to be provided access to the American asylum system.”

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But the President doesn’t seem to share the same sentiments. He tweeted:

“The Caravans are made up of some very tough fighters and people. Fought back hard and viciously against Mexico at Northern Border before breaking through. Mexican soldiers hurt, were unable, or unwilling to stop Caravan. Should stop them before they reach our Border, but won’t!”

The Pentagon has also sent more than 5,000 active-duty Army troops to the border. “Border security is national security,” Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, head of U.S. Northern Command, said.

According to Gen. O’Shaughnessy, the 5,200 soldiers will aide 2,100 National Guard personnel that are already there in hopes of keeping the migrants at bay when they arrive.

And it looks like they will need all the help they can get. Reports of violence have been spilling out from Mexico. One report from Televisa Noticias said migrants facing deportation set fire to a Mexican immigration facility.

Actor James Woods caught a frightening display on camera, later posting it to Twitter.

On top of that, there are reports that a second and possibly even a third caravan are on their way as well.

In addition to their demands of President Trump, the U.N. is also aiding the caravan by putting 50 workers within it.


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