UNARMED AND SCARED: Police who were First Responders to Terrorist Attack in Paris were Unarmed and Fled

This is what gun control does to a nation. Leaves all their citizens, even their law enforcement, sitting ducks to attacks.

France’s top political cartoonists, news reporters, and members of Police Nationale on Wednsday were killed by gunmen believed to be Islamic terrorists who invaded a Paris-based satirical newspaper that in the past published cartoons that mocked the Prophet Muhammad.

What many counterterrorists in the U.S. find extraordinary is that there are reports coming out of France that police first-responders arrived unarmed and, once they realized the gravity of the emergency, they fled from the heavily-armed terrorists.

A witness to the attack, Benoit Bringer, a correspondent with Agence Premiere Ligne (APL), claims he observed a number of men armed with machine guns wearing masks.

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He noted that there were two French police officers arriving at the scene of the bloody attack riding bicycles and unarmed.

According to Bringer, the officers found it necessary to flee instead of fighting the suspected terrorists.

According to the French government, the majority of police officers — as in Great Britain — do not carry firearms.

“It’s also worth noting that France has extremely stringent gun control laws,” said Robert Farago, a former newsman from the United Kingdom.

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