UNBELIEVABLE: While Detroit Police Were Laying a Fallen Officer to Rest, Thug Threatens to Do This at FUNERAL

grossCan’t this guy have some respect? This is terrible. And that’s not the worst of it. He would post videos of police being injured and comment how happy he was about it. Needless to say, this guy already had a long rap sheet.

As the Detroit Police Department was laying a fallen officer to rest, threats were being made on social media.

The funeral for Capt. Kenneth Steil was held on Friday and a vast number of the city’s officers were in attendance. The sad event was livestreamed across multiple platforms.

A threat was made in the comment section of one livestream prompting the FBI to investigate.

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Deshawn Maurice Lanton is accused of making threats to injure using interstate communications, according to a federal criminal complaint filed Wednesday.

“Maybe I should drop a bomb on tha building to get rid of the rest of y’all.”

The [Facebook] profile also included multiple videos of police officers getting injured and comments about how pleased he was to see officers being injured, the complaint said.


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