Uncomfortably Real: Dragon Day Movie Depicts Chinese Takeover of US

Dragon-DayDragon Day, a tense thriller set to release November 1st, depicts a Chinese takeover of the U.S. after our government defaults on its debt. Unlike other films of this genre, Dragon Day is uncomfortably realistic, and given what is happening today in Washington, DC it seems almost prophetic.

The story begins with Ex-NSA engineer Duke Evans, who has lost his job due to the continuing financial crisis. Forced to foreclose on his home, he resettles his family (wife, daughter and sister) in a mountain cabin inherited from his recently deceased grandfather. They have barely gotten in the door when things start happening. Lights go out, the TV goes blank and a huge airliner swoops by at treetop level, erupting in a fireball on the next mountain.

The Chinese have launched a cyber attack. A secret computer virus embedded in Chinese manufactured computer chips has allowed the Chinese military to turn them off remotely. America’s entire computer-based infrastructure comes screeching to a halt: power goes off, lights go out, autos and trucks stall, trains go off the rails and planes fall out of the sky.

TV service is temporarily restored, and the President appears, announcing what has happened, the screen then goes blank, followed shortly by an eerie red flag image and a message welcoming those who swear allegiance to the Peoples Republic. At the same time, everyone’s cell phone starts ringing, and the same graphic appears on them all.

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Evans quickly realizes what has happened. He was the NSA engineer in charge of a secret government cyber warfare program he now sees was compromised. He thought he was doing this for his country, but it turns out that many in government have been secretly working for the other side all along. His idea was hijacked by the communists.

He destroys all the family’s cell phones and anything else that can lead the enemy to his hideaway. The country quickly reverts to pre-industrial conditions, and the movie offers a fairly realistic window into what would actually happen in such a situation. Stores are ransacked. People begin to starve and die of thirst. Roving bands of thugs begin robbing and murdering.

Anarchy rules. But you are offered escape. If you willingly attach a “Citizen’s Freedom Band”, presumably you will be spared further anguish. Urgently needed food and water are just around the corner, so you think. But instead it proves to be a high tech dog collar which will kill you if you move out of your assigned zone. Surprisingly, the local sheriff’s office has a large supply of these, obviously obtained before the attack occurred.

Unlike Red Dawn and similar fare, there are no absurd heroics, or unrealistic depictions of the town forming a militia to fight off the Chinese hoards. Watching Communist thugs getting blown away by vengeful high school kids in Red Dawn is entertainment, nothing more. A genuine takeover would not go well for such resistors.

Dragon Day portrays more of the things that would really happen: friends, neighbors and authorities – even the U.S. military, I am afraid to say – likely turning against you. At least the military would now that Obama has purged patriotic leaders. There is no ability to communicate or travel, and food and water are almost …

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