UNCOVERED: Hillary Knew About Islamic Extremism in…

The politicking and posturing of the Democrats trying to frame Trump colluding with the Russians has grown tiresome.

It’s an old story based off of no facts. So revolting that it has lasted this long.

In the spirit of focusing on something new it has been revealed by the NCPA that ‘growing Islamic extremism in Latin America’ is a huge security threat.

I wish we’d focus on serious issues, such as our Senior Fellow at the NCPA, Dr. David Grantham, revealed, and the Daily Caller reported“Growing Islamic extremism in Latin America constitutes a “major security threat” to the United States, according to an analysis published this month by the National Center for Policy Analysis. 

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And to all the liberal progressive detractors who seek to make everything a partisan issue, remember this: ”Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton also warned of Iranian sponsored terrorism through Latin American “proxies” during a 2013 off-the-record speech to Goldman Sachs employees that was made public by WikiLeaks.

That’s right America, even KILLERY knew what was going on.

“If we had a map up behind us you would be able to see Iranian sponsored terrorism directly delivered by Iranians themselves, mostly through the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the operatives, or through Islah or other proxies from to Latin American to Southeast Asia,” Clinton said.”

I suppose one has to ask, why was this admitted by the former Secretary of State, off the record? Could it be that it was not “cool” to talk openly about the spread of the global Islamic jihad in Latin America?

Well, we’d better start talking openly about it now.

“The threat from Islamic extremists in Latin America remains an overlooked aspect of U.S. national security strategy,” NCPA senior fellow David Grantham argued. Grantham noted that “Saudi Arabia has invested millions to construct mosques and cultural centers in South America and Central America that expand the reach of its rigid version of Islam, known as Wahhabism.”

This overlooked issue should be directly addressed ASAP. The wall on the US/Mexico border is no longer a question, but rather a solution to a terror threat.


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