UNFILTERED AND RAW: Judge Jeanine Puts Donald Trump on the Spot in this Limitless Interview, Every Question was Asked

Donald-Trump-1-1Judge Jeanine doing what she does best, putting people in the hot seat and asking all the wrong questions.

When Republican front-runner Donald Trump sat down with Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro for an interview that aired Saturday, there was plenty on the agenda.

And nothing was off limits.

Trump spoke on a myriad of topics, including illegal immigration and making Mexico pay to build a wall to who he might choose as a running mate. But it was his comments about Black Lives Matter that brought out the most vitriol.

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Pirro mentioned Democrat presidential candidate, and former Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley’s apology after he said “all lives matter” during his speech at Netroots Nation conference in July, which Trump called “pathetic.”

“He apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby. And that’s the problem with our country,” Trump said.

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