UNHINGED Woman Chases Down GOP Congressman in Car, Arrested After She Tried to…

It’s not reported what party this psycho chick is affiliated with, but we’re guessing she is a liberal.

Whom else would hunt down a Republican congressman the way Wendi Wright did?

Congressman David Kustoff and his aide Marianne Dunavant were traveling down Highway 45 in Tennessee after leaving a town hall meeting on the UT Martin campus.

Reportedly after the meeting is where Wright started following the congressman’s car.

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According to the police report Kustoff and Dunavant felt they were about to be forced off the road.

As a result, they pulled into a driveway of someone they know and that’s when it got nasty.

Wright ran to the car and began screaming and banging on the car, also reaching in.

After going ape-shit on the car she then reportedly blocked the car.

That’s when the police were called and she ran away.

Wendi Wright posted the whole thing on Facebook and that was when she got caught.

Now she is arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment.

It’s a good thing police didn’t let her get away with this.

Democrats are becoming more bold and physically aggressive towards conservatives. It is unacceptable behavior and should absolutely be punished.



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