MILLIONS OUTRAGED: Why UNITED Airlines Got Away With PUNCHING Doctor in the Face…

Earlier this week a man was randomly selected from a United Airlines flight to de-board the plane.

You see the airline overbooked it’s flight.

Now, the man was a doctor. He was not drunk or disorderly. He simply refused to leave the plane.

That’s when things got interesting.

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Police board the plane, punch the man in the face, which knocked him out, and drug him off.

Everyone nationwide is pretty peeved about this action and all seem to be asking this same question:

Why do these airlines sound so unapologetic on social media? Why aren’t the CEOs apologizing? Why does no one sound contrite? This isn’t how the outrage cycle is supposed to work!

The major American airlines, though, do not need to do anything to convince people to fly with them, because they all merged and consolidated until there were just four firms controlling the vast majority of domestic flights, and they have determined that it is in their collective best interest not to seriously compete with one another.

This is called oligopoly, and, for airline shareholders, this is great! It truly is a new golden age of aviation, for people who fly in private jets but own stock in airlines.

For the rest of us, this is most of why flying sucks now (the rest of it is the ever-expanding and largely incompetent security state), and also why United is not that worried about you sharing that video of a man being brutally dragged off their plane.

They are not embarrassed, and you will not embarrass them. Airlines feel no need to perform the dance of corporate penitence. If you’ve chosen to fly somewhere, it’s probably because you don’t have a good alternative to flying, and you may not even have a good alternative to flying one particular airline…

So there you have it.
It seems despite our outrage of what happened there is sh*t all we can do about it.
Hardly seems right. American airlines have gone down in the dumps. It is time companies started focusing on customer service again.


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