University Cop Shot in the Back of the Head

Floy East Jr., 48, was killed while on duty with a shot to the back of the head. The officer served on the Texas Tech University Police Department.

According to CBS News, he was shot while booking an arrestee on Monday night, around 8:30 pm, on October 9th.


Police Chief Kyle Bonath filled in the details of what happened, stating Officer East went to a dorm room — belonging to Hollis Daniels III — on a ‘welfare check’ after reports came in of “a student behaving erratically who was believed to be in possession of a weapon.”

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Via Blue Lives Matter: He said that the room was empty when Officer East arrived, and that the officer found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia.  Daniels came back to the room while Officer East was there, and he was arrested and taken to the police station by the officer.

Lubbock Police Detective Thomas Bonds said that Daniels wasn’t handcuffed while Officer East completed paperwork at the station.  A second officer was initially present but then left the room.

That second officer, who was not identified, heard a ‘loud bang’ after he left the room.  He rushed back to the room, and found Officer East “mortally wounded.”  Officer East apparently was not able to draw his weapon, which was still holstered.  He had been shot in the back of his head with a .45 caliber pistol, according to ODMP.

Daniels took off running and allegedly stole Officer East’s body-camera. Police went in pursuit of the criminal, and in the moment received a call from Daniel’s family — in the midst of their search — stating they thought he was suicidal and in possession of a weapon.
The chase didn’t take long and the police department over ran Daniels on foot; capturing him near the Lubbock Municipal Auditorium and taking him into custody.

Police found Officer East’s body-cam and a .45 caliber handgun nearby. When officers caught him, he immediately told them that he had “fucked up.”

Daniels later confessed to detectives, and said he had done something “illogical,” and that he “was the one who had shot their friend.”

Daniels, who is from Seguin, was charged with capital murder of a police officer, and is being held in the Lubbock County Jail under $5 million bond.  He had been charged with drug offenses by campus police on September 23.

During the incident the university was placed on lockdown for about an hour; students told to take shelter where they were.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement saying, “As the Texas Tech campus deals with this heartbreaking tragedy, Cecilia and I pray for the continued safety of the students and the entire community”.

Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens posted on social media, “Heavy heart tonight.  Thoughts and prayers with Texas Tech Police Department.”

The Officer left behind his wife and two daughters.


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