US Slow to the Punch? Former KGB Agent Claims Russia had Snowden in their Crosshairs Six Years Ago

Edward Snowden Meets With German Green Party MP Hans-Christian Stroebele[Editor’s Note: Did Russia really pull one over on Snowden? If what this former KGB agent says is true, then America has some major security problems to deal with.]

Karpichkov told the Sunday People that Russian security agents leaked information concerning Snowden’s arrival in Moscow to provoke the US into action.

The US cancelled Snowden’s passport before he could get a connecting flight out of Moscow, forcing him to seek asylum.

According to Karpichkov: ‘It was a trick and he fell for it. Now the Russians are extracting all the intelligence he possesses.’

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Karpichkov said: ‘He lives in a block of flats in Moscow’s ­suburbs controlled by the FSB. His flat is heavily alarmed to stop anything happening to him. He meets the FSB twice a week over plenty of food and drink.’

Former CIA official Robert Baer has said the US has began investigating whether Snowden had been turned by the Russians in 2007. 

Bauer believes the Russians will want to know the extent of the West’s electronic interception capability. 

Mr Baer said his former colleagues at the CIA were conducting a ‘damage assessment’ to determine what top secret information Snowden handed over to the Russians.

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