USA Stuck Between Obama and a Rock: World Leaders and Americans Do Not Trust Obama, Bad Position for the US

americaNobody trusts Obama. Conservatives of course, and now surprisingly many Liberals. But now even other countries know they can’t trust him. He thought he could convince other world leaders to support him in his desire to attack Syria. But even they won’t back him.

So why doesn’t anyone trust him? Maybe it’s because he’s so easy to catch in his own lies. And before anyone starts on me about Bush, I don’t care. Bush didn’t make Obama say any of these things, Obama said them, AND he was supposed to be different, remember? He has told so many lies during his candidacy and over his presidency that it’s almost hard to keep track. He said he’d hold debates on the health care law on C-SPAN – didn’t happen.

He said he’d go through the law line-by-line and explain it – didn’t happen. He said he’d have the most transparent administration in history, yet we still can’t get answers about Benghazi or the IRS or the NSA or Fast and Furious. But those were all “Bush’s fault” even though Obama had the ability to change it all after he got into office. He said he wasn’t interested in going after guns.

Now he’s using executive orders for gun control. He said during a debate against Mitt Romney that there was no way that sequestration was going to happen. Of course, he has blamed that on the Republicans.

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So while he may still be able to buy enough Americans off with free stuff, the rest of the world doesn’t fall for it. How are they supposed to trust and work with someone who won’t even be honest with his own countrymen and who claimed he would be so different?

Sure, they may be nice to his face because they still want our money, but they’re not going to put their country on the line for a man who is constantly either lying or hiding things. They all saw him on TV blaming a video for Benghazi, then saw him lying saying he said it was terrorism all along. They all saw him on TV setting his red line, then they all saw him again on TV denying that he set it. He said the “world” set the red line.

In other words, he basically threw every other world leader under the bus, making them feel if they don’t agree with him then they will be blamed. That’s his idea of how to gain backing and support?

The guy is almost psychotic in his belief that he can say one thing and then turn around and say he never said it. You just sit there with your mouth hanging open because you can’t believe he just stood there on national TV and told a bald-faced lie. The scary part is it seems like he believes his own lies!

He has proved over and over again that he has no problem NOT accepting responsibility for any decision HE makes and he’s an expert at saying, “Hey, it’s not me, it’s them.” With so many Americans seeing that and not trusting him, it’s no wonder no other country is willing to support his efforts to attack Syria. They know that even if they back him, the minute there’s a problem he will throw them under the bus.

He will be more than willing to turn on them with all teeth and claws and blame them for anything at all that goes wrong, rather than admit any kind of responsibility himself.

World leaders do not trust Obama’s words or his actions – just like most of us. That’s a very scary position for our country to be in.


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