UT MURDERER: Meechaiel Criner has a ‘Range of Mental Illnesses’ and was Abused by his Grandmother

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.52.21 AMThis is the kind of person that should be on every cops’ watch list. His unfortunate circumstances lead to the end of innocent Haruka Weiser’s life. If only she knew how to fight, maybe then Haruka would still be with us today.

The teenager charged with murdering dance student Haruka Weiser, 18, suffers from a range of mental health disorders – including schizophrenia.

Meechaiel Criner, 17, was arrested on Thursday and charged with killing the Portland ballerina who was in the first year of her studies at the University of Texas in Austin.

Now Daily Mail Online can disclose that last week’s arrest was far from being the teenager’s first brush with the law.

Files seen by this website shed light on Criner’s chaotic and frequently violent upbringing in Texarkana – which included a 2009 incident where he was left with both eyes swollen shut after being attacked by his grandmother.

As a result, the local police department have compiled a lengthy case file charting the teenager’s troubled life and frequent attempts to run away.

The document, seen by Daily Mail Online, includes a description of the 6ft teenager – and a list of his medical conditions, among them schizophrenia, autism and depression.

He is also described as wearing prescription glasses and has his occupation listed as a student at Texas High School.

More disturbing, however, are a list of incidents connected with his name – in nearly all of which, he was the victim.

One, in May 2009, saw his grandmother, 62-year-old Mary Wadley, arrested and charged with injuring a child, after a neighbor spotted her beating him with a belt outside their home.

When police arrived, they found Criner, then aged ten, with two black eyes – Wadley claimed he had turned unexpectedly, causing her to hit him in the face with the garment.

According to the case report filed by Texarkana police department, the child’s eyes were left so swollen, he was unable to open them without using his fingers.

He also had bruising on the right side of his face.

Although his grandmother claimed to be disciplining the boy, when asked why he was being punished, Criner appeared not to know.

The police file, seen by Daily Mail Online, adds: ‘Criner spoke as if he were mentally handicapped and ‘slower’ than normal children. At no time was he taken for medical treatment.’

An addendum to the report, written by Criner’s CPS case worker, says Wadley described her actions as ‘whooping’ him and, when asked why, became irate but later said it was because the boy had been ‘acting up’.

She also refused to take him to hospital, although Criner was later taken for medical attention by his mother – a feckless drug addict from whose care he and his siblings had earlier been removed.

Criner’s grandmother, although initially booked into the local jail, was later freed with a warning and a $2,000 fine.

A further incident came in November 2013 – with the 62-year-old this time accused of attacking one of his sisters.

This time, Criner was listed as a witness in the police report in which Wadley is claimed to have pushed and pulled the hair of 26-year-old Lawellai Criner.

However, neighbors who witnessed the disturbance said the intended victim was Criner himself, with the boy set upon by his sister.

In his statement, he says: ‘She [Lawellai] started going crazy and kick [sic] the door and push me. I was trying to tell her to calm down and help my grandmother in getting her out.’

On that occasion, no charges were pressed.

More recent files concern Criner’s multiple attempts to run away from home, the first time in January 2015.


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