UTAH: Legislators Propose Bill to Stop Harassment of Law Abiding Citizens Who Open Carry

Open-CarryTomorrow, House Bill 276 is scheduled to be heard in the state House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee at 8:00 a.m. in Room 25 of the House Building.

Sponsored by state Representative Curt Oda (R-14), HB 276 would provide that the mere carrying or possession of a holstered or encased firearm does not constitute a violation of the Disorderly Conduct statute.

Self-defense is a fundamental right that is protected by the Utah Constitution and clearly provided for in state statute.

The carrying of firearms for self-defense is legal in Utah, either concealed with a Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) or unconcealed without a permit.  It is the choice of the law-abiding individual HOW to carry.

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HB 276 does not, in any way, change the laws governing the carrying of firearms, nor does it make any changes to what behavior by law-abiding gun owners is legal or illegal.

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