VACATION HORRORS: Wife Brutally Raped and Murdered First Day of Vacation with Her Husband

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.10.53 AMSad day for this husband. Ladies, learning how to shoot sometimes isn’t enough. Be deadly with your hands and legs, because the gun or knife won’t always be there.

An American woman who was found dead on a deserted stretch of beach on a Caribbean island while on vacation with her husband is thought to have been attacked by a man armed with a cutlass.

The 39-year-old’s body was found about 12 miles outside the capital of Grenada, St George’s yesterday, less than half a mile from where other tourists had been sunbathing.

It is thought that she had been brutally raped and murdered on the first day of her vacation on the island after arriving at the world-famous La Sagesse resort on Saturday night.

It came after it was revealed the attacker targeted the woman and her husband with the sword as they walked along La Sagresse beach.

Police sealed off the murder scene and armed men – said by locals to be soldiers with assault rifles – started searching the undergrowth, which flanks the beach.

And news of the horror killing has quickly spread across Grenada – named the Spice Island because one of its main industries beside tourism is growing nutmegs and other spices.

Local website the SpiceIslander Talk Shop reported: ‘Another Tourist Murdered in St David….This Can’t Be True.’

St David’s is one of the seven parishes on Grenada, which is just 21 miles long and has about 100,000 residents including many British ex-pats.

The website added ‘Breaking news!! Officers at the St. David police station confirm that a murder has been committed.

‘The incident according to officers, took place in La Sagesse, St. David close to the beach.

‘Reports are the victim, (a woman) and her husband were attacked on La Sagesse beach by a man with a cutlass.

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