Vagina Hat Wearer, Sally Kohn, Tweets 5 Steps to Making Hillary Clinton President — Does She Know Trump is LEGALLY Our President?

Sally Kohn may need a lesson in Constitutional Law after this ridiculous tweet. Or maybe she knows them and just doesn’t care what they are? Either way, we would suggest dear ol’ Sally should consider talking/tweeting less…

On Wednesday, hyped up on rumors of Russian connections with the Trump administration, CNN commentator Sally Kohn took to Twitter with her proposed solution to the turmoil shaking Washington D.C. …

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First off, there’s no evidence yet of the high crimes and misdemeanors necessary to begin an impeachment. Then there’s the slight problem for Kohn of a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

Then we get to the line of succession. If Trump and Pence were impeached, under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, as prescribed by the United States Constitution Article II, Section I, Paul Ryan would become the president. So there’s no actual “Constitutional crisis,” as Kohn oddly suggests.


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