Valiant Effort: Well Known Irish Author Beaten Up Defending a Woman Being Abused Just Outside of Yale Campus

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Editor’s Note: Though he was beaten badly, Colum McCann made a valiant effort to help out this woman.  He didn’t pull out his cell phone and record the beating, he did something.  Everyone should take note of his actions. If you see someone being brutally beaten, don’t stand by and watch. Do something about it!

Acclaimed Irish author Colum McCann was badly injured after being attacked while trying to break up a domestic dispute just outside the gates of a famed Ivy league school

McCann was reportedly trying to break up a fight early Saturday evening between the woman and her boyfriend at a New Haven, Connecticut hotel. Yale University calls the city home.

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He instead ended up with a concussion, broken cheekbone and some broken teeth from the ‘shocking, cowardly attack in broad daylight on a busy street,’ he told the Irish Times in a statement.

The assault reportedly happened when the novelist stepped in while a man and woman were fighting outside The Study at the Yale Hotel around 10.00 p.m., according to the New Haven Independent.

First responders arrived to find him on the sidewalk bleeding from the head, police told the paper.

He was taken to the hospital, released later that night and returned home to New York City.

‘I was trying to help someone out,’ his statement said. ‘I was cold-clocked without warning. I had a severe concussion, a broken cheekbone, some broken teeth and a spirit that has been temporarily bruised.

‘But I am recovering quickly and I’ve been overwhelmed by the generous response from friends and strangers alike.’

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