VANISHED: Father Reveals 20-Year-Old Daughter’s Last Selfie and Text Before she Went Missing After a First Date

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The father of a South Carolina woman who went missing last month, wrote an emotional confessional about the experience of her sudden loss – sharing the last image she sent him the night before she disappeared.

Heather Elvis, 20, was last seen after being dropped off from a first date at her condo in Horry County in the early morning of December 18.

The next night, a police officer showed up at father Elvis family home, informing Heather’s father Terry that her car had been found abandoned at a nearby boat landing.

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The last time Mr Elvis had heard from his cosmetology-student daughter was the night of December 17, when she texted him a picture of her driving during her date.

Mr Elvis explained in an essay on xoJane that he has a manual transmission truck he had been saving to give to one of his daughters, but that neither of them had ever learned how to drive a stick shift.

At the end of her date, the man she was meeting offered to teach her how to drive his manual truck  in a mall parking lot and she excitingly sent the picture of her driving to her father to share the accomplishment.

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