Vanishing Act: 3 Afghan Soldiers Disappear from Cape Cod Base

Three missing Afghan soldiers in our nation. Though we are told this is not a threat to the public, you’ve got to wonder, are they working for ISIS?

A search is underway after three Afghanistan National Army soldiers went missing from Joint Base Cape Cod.

The soldiers were at Camp Edwards participating in Regional Cooperation 2014, a 7-10 day training exercise.

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The soldiers were last seen at Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis and were reported missing by base security on Saturday night. The three soldiers are MAJ Jan Mohammad Arash, CPT Mohammad Nasir Askarzada, and CPT Noorullah Aminyar.

Central Command, Massachusetts State Police and local police are involved in the search for the soldiers.

The Massachusetts National Guard says the soldiers are not a threat to the public.

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